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The forgotten state of the South seems to be hiding a few reminders in a small town called Duncan, South Carolina. Hip Hop group Respect N Salute's origin dates back to the summer of 2005 where the group would be formed at the happenings of a studio session at a local barbershop in Spartanburg, South Carolina. From this day forward, original members Boski, Cease, and Doc Deezy would go on to release two mixtapes entitled “The Movement Volume I” and “W.A.I.T.” (We All In Together).


Taking time away from the South, RNS has found a new source of inspiration in California (Sacramento & Los Angeles respectively). Since, the rap duo Cease and Doc Deezy have released two new tapes entitled “The Summer EP” and “The Summer Playlist.” Their latest single “Homie Lover Friends” premiered exclusively on Vibe.com.   


Sharp flows and melodic tunes can be expected. Their lyricism provides a glimpse into the South, providing truth and bridges the gap between street and pop culture. Diversity is at an all time high for Respect N Salute with no signs of slowing down. The MCs compliment each other on every track with comparisons to the legendary OutKast. Respect N Salute will make their mark on Hip Hop History as one of the best to ever do it!




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The Summer EP

by Respect N Salute